Office or Workplace: BodyDirect comes to your workplace on a date and time that suits your business. All that our staff require is a private area or room for our staff to setup a ergonomic massage chair.

Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly seated sessions for your staff or for occasions such as wellness days & rewards for excellent team performance.

Corporate Events: BodyDirect provides seated massages at your companies event. This could be an expo, retail store sale or conference. The more people attracted to a store the greater opportunity for sales. We can setup anywhere in the store or just outside to entice customers into the store or to where you have a promotional display instore.

Sporting Events: BodyDirect can come to your sporting event. Pre event massage is a fast paced massage which helps increase circulation and warm up the muscles preparing them for activity.  Post event massage is a soothing massage which helps eliminate toxins produced in activity and aids in recovery. Massages are performed on an ergonomic massage chair or table.

Apartment ComplexSome serviced apartments are now offering wellness centers or gyms within the building and what better than to offer the residents access to massage therapy. We can also provide a booking system that residents can use to book and pay for their session online. If residents have eligible private health cover they can use their extras to cover all or most of the cost.